Monday, December 3, 2012

Building on "Better online math"

In his post "Better Online Math", Dan Meyer shared an example of his vision for improving online math video + exercise sites by adding in a challenge problem at the beginning.  I really like the idea, and I like his implementation, but it felt like the video was missing interactivity.  This was echoed in some of the comments on his post, and even in Dan's own reflection:
There were at least five different moments over that five-minute lecture where I wanted to stop, pose a question, or have students work for awhile.
As I shared a few days ago, I've been playing around with cuing questions based on videos, and this seemed like a great way to extend both what I have been working on, and what Dan had been working on.  I took his video, edited in a few short pauses to make timing the questions a little easier, and built some questions that felt natural based on what was happening in the video.  There probably would be room for more.

Try it out.

At this point, the "5 of your classmates' answers" data is all bogus, but it's certainly something that could be added in down the road without too much trouble.

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