Tuesday, November 20, 2012


After years of creating websites and webapps, I realized it was about time to have a place to share the cool things I find online, and to share the things I create.

So let me introduce myself.  I am David Lippman, and I have been teaching math at Pierce College in Lakewood, WA since 2000.  I am particularly interested in innovative teaching approaches, bringing contextual motivation into the classroom, and finding appropriate ways to utilize technology.  I look forward to sharing my experiments.

I am also lead developer of IMathAS, an open source learning management and assessment platform designed for math, focused on algorithmically generated questions with auto-grading of algebraic answers.  IMathAS runs MyOpenMath.com,  a free-for-use version of IMathAS in support of open textbooks.  It also runs WAMAP.org, our Washington State install, and many other installations around the country and the world.  This blog will occasionally highlight new features of the system.

I am also the co-author of two open textbooks:  Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions, covering college algebra and trig, and Math in Society, a topics book for a math for liberal arts majors or quantitative reasoning course.  To help make selecting an open textbook easier, I run OpenTextBookStore.com.

Finally, I love creating technology tools to support my teaching.  You will find a complete listing on my website.  I am particularly proud of the 3D grapher, the ODE grapher, the graphing calculator, and the stats tools.